About Locatus

Locatus gathers its own data on all shops and consumer-oriented service companies and makes this information accessible for its clients through an online database. In 2000 we started with the registration of all stores in the Netherlands and we have been expanding our database since, first to Belgium, and lately to the larger European cities. Our current focus for expanding our database is Spain.

Up to date retail information

The Locatus database provides property-level information,  such as the name of each outlet, its retail floor area and the retail sector in which it operates. Furthermore we record information about shopping and catchment areas and footfall. This information is also available on digital maps. Our field workers conduct an annual on-site survey of all the shopping areas to keep the data up-to-date.




Locatus collects retail information and unlocks this data to its customers via online platforms

The people behind the data

Our teams are all committed to quality and are very diverse: from data collectors to data analysts or consultants.

Meet our teams

The customers who use our data

Our customer base comprises virtually everyone having anything to do with retail property, be this a local authority, retailer, investor, project developer,  estate agent or consultant. Our data provides them with essential information for decision-making on retail sites.

Why use Locatus data?

You have to make a decision about retail property and are looking for information on which to base your decision.

But why should you use our information?

Because our database contains up-to-date and comprehensive information about retail outlets, whether in the Benelux region or elsewhere in Europe. Our field workers check and supplement the information daily, supplemented with updates via desk research, scraping and data exchange.

4 sources of Locatus data

Because our data provides you with objective figures. We collect all of our information at our own risk and expense. This ensures that there is never a conflict of interest.

Because our information allows you to effectively compare different shopping areas. Not only within one country, but also between different countries. We have been gathering our data in the same way for the last 20 years. This makes it possible to identify developments over time.

What advantages does Locatus data offer you?

Time-saving, you don’t have to go out and gather the information yourself.

Cost-saving, it would cost far more if you where collecting this data yourself.

Less risk, because it makes sure you do not make the wrong choice for a retail location.

Enhanced profit, it enables you to determine the optimum retail location.

Management information, clear justification and substantiation of the plans you present to your investors, clients or senior management.