Bespoke footfall counts

Does this location have enough passers-by?

Do you have a new store in mind? And do you want to know if enough passers-by are passing through here? So you can compare this information with existing locations or other new options?

Locatus counts footfall throughout Europe. Whether you want to compare a shop in Amsterdam with Berlin, or Brussels with Paris, our team is available for you.

Locatus counts footfall in more than 190 major shopping areas in the Benelux and 40 in Europe. Do you have a location in mind which lies outside these counting areas? Or would you like to compare the footfall for all your retail premises on the same day? In that case, we will arrange for a bespoke footfall count at your location(s). Again according to the same uniform methodology.

Without passers-by no chance of customers. Without customers, no chance of turnover.

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