Data Cube

The perfect tool for trend analyses in retail

The Data Cube is the perfect tool for trend analyses over many years. This Locatus app combines 15 years of detailed retail information, and can tell you whether the sector is growing - or declining.

“He who controls the past, commands the future.”

This quote from George Orwell is not only applicable to totalitarian societies, but also to retail planning. Although completely accurate predictions of the future may be impossible, following through on trends of the past gives very strong clues for the future.

The Data Cube can help you with questions such as:

  • How has the range of stores developed in a municipality?
  • How has the retail floor area developed in the various sectors?
  • Is there a growth or decline in the amount of chains in the Netherlands and Belgium?
  • How is this sector developing?

Nicole Dirksen frequently applies the Data Cube for her blogs.

The Data Cube provides quick, simple, and clear answers to your questions – the ideal app for researchers! Would you like to know more about particular trends, but would you rather that we do the analysis for you? No worries. Our team of qualified analysts is more than happy to help.

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