Footfall Monitor

7 days a week, continuous footfall count using WiFi-sensors

Is the number of passing shoppers sufficient for your store? And when does this increase or decrease? The Dashboard Footfall Monitor provides you with the ideal information to assess your new (shop) location, or monitor the performance of your existing shop or shopping centre.

Footfall Monitor

Locatus Footfall Monitor represents a new era in the counting of footfall: passing shoppers are registered via the WiFi on their smartphones, in combination with tracking cameras – without infringing on anyone’s privacy (see PIA).

With Footfall Monitor, you are able to switch quickly. Footfall is tracked throughout the the day, so retailers, municipalities, and real estate owners get a good overview of the crowd’s behaviour in their shopping area.


Your dashboards gives real-time updates of the footfall in your area. This doesn’t only show data per month, week or day, but per hour, too.

Monitor & Improve Performance

This real-time footfall information answers questions such as:

  • Which parts of the center are popular/less popular, and how does this fluctuate?
  • How do certain events influence footfall?
  • How do the dynamics of footfall change over the week?
  • How successful is my shop, compared to the amount of passing shoppers?

Interested in WiFi-sensors for your shops or centre?