Footfall Reports

Footfall reports of the 240 most important shopping areas in the Benelux and major European cities

Are there enough passers-by to sustain your store? This information is particularly useful when assessing the location for a new store, or when monitoring the performance of your existing shop or shopping centre. A footfall report gives you quick and useful insights into the activity patterns of shoppers.

How many people visit this centre, and where do they go? The coming and going of certain anchor stores in a shopping centre can influence the footfall pattern of consumers, resulting in visible changes over time.

Locatus has been consistently counting footfall in the 190 most important shopping areas of the Benelux for 15 years. Additionally, we count footfall in a large number of European cities outside the Benelux.

Footfall reports European cities (excluding Benelux)

Available footfall reports Benelux, Spain and European cities

Example footfall report

The reports accompanying the counts provide an insight into the patterns of activity and footfall flows in a shopping area. Because our counting methods have been consistent for many years, we are able to accurately track changes over time. How far away is your location from the busiest point? Is this point moving towards you, or is it shifting towards a different part of the centre?

More information?

Would you like to know whether a particular street is included in the report? Or receive a quote and an example of the report? If you are looking for a count at a different location, we can also help you out. Ask for our bespoke counts, and we will be able to design a count fitted to your wishes.