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Have an up-to-date overview of a shopping street, shopping area or retail across the country anywhere, anytime via Locatus Online.

Every retail outlet in the de Benelux, and more…

Through Locatus Online you can consult the name, address, retail floor area, retail chain and sector of every retail outlet in the Benelux. In other words – every chocolate shop, clothes store, supermarket, hairdresser, pharmacy, tattoo shop, greengrocer, bakery, furniture seller, vintage store, or restaurant, in (or outside) every city, town, village, or hamlet in the Benelux is available in our database.

Ask your question, Locatus Online will provide the answer

This platform allows you to make easy selections to answer specific questions such as:
“Where are my competitors – > 500 m² – located?”
“Where are all the supermarkets located in the province of West Flanders?”
“How is the hospitality industry distributed within our municipality?”
“What is the distribution between branch shops and independents in this locality?”
“Which shop premises are vacant in Rotterdam? And at which locations?”

A clear overview of every shopping centre, at your fingertips

Locatus Online data is easy to select and intepret from different perspectives. Whether you want to know more about the status of that particular retail area, shopping street or premises or the location of your competitors nationwide: Locatus online gives a clear insight and overview.

With Locatus Online, you have the right information at your disposal to make fast and accurate analyses on shopping areas. As a result, you will be able to make the optimal decision, and provide a solid justification towards your management, clients, and investors.

The Retail Plans are built up by modules. You can decide which data you want to map: the footfall in the city centre, vacancy, retail floor area per store, sector per store, etc. Below are some examples:

What’s more, you can add your own variables to the map and colour them as you wish – for example to highlight your own stores. In this way, you can picture a shopping area to make acquisition decisions, advise clients, and monitor your portfolio or policies.

The dataset that matches your questions

Let us know which area or sector you’re interested in, and we will make a specific quotation for your needs. Additionally, we can enrich the file with demographic data, or your own research. The prices of Locatus Online depends on the amount of options and maps you need. Our team will be happy to assist you in assessing the possibilities, and will make you a quotation once you’ve decided.

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