Locatus Retail Plans

Mapping hundreds of shopping areas in the Benelux and large European cities

With the digital retail plans of Locatus, you will have a detailed overview of any shopping area or street you like - at your fingertips. This efficient tool can help you when making decisions on the development of shopping centres, renting and leasing, buying and selling, taxations, and monitoring your shopping centre.

A clear overview of every shopping centre,
at your fingertips.

Imagine you are walking a client to a potential store location and (s)he asks where the H&M is, and where competition is located. Simply take out your smartphone or tablet, and show him/her.

Or you are at your office, and would like to know which other sectors are represented in this or that street. Are there many more shoe stores? And what is the footfall like in this street, in comparison to another option?

The Retail Plans are built up by modules. You can decide which data you want to map: the footfall in the city centre, vacancy, retail floor area per store, sector per store, etc. Below are some examples:

What’s more, you can add your own variables to the map and colour them as you wish – for example to highlight your own stores. In this way, you can picture a shopping area to make acquisition decisions, advise clients, and monitor your portfolio or policies.

More information?
The prices of Locatus Retail Plans depend on the amount of options and maps you need. Caroline Oudejans will be happy to assist you in assessing the possibilities, and will make you a quotation once you’ve decided.

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Björn Jansen has been advising real estate agencies and retailers for many years. He will be happy to discuss how we can help you to invest in the right retail locations.

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