Our experienced experts are at your disposal. Retail Loaction Analytics is in our DNA.

Of course you can use our data to do your own research, but have you thought about employing our expert data analists for the job? They will be more than happy to assist you with your questions. For example, you can ask them about the effects of a redevelopment, or potential turnover for your stores.

Is my (retail) portfolio futureproof?
Buy – hold – sell

We can help you gain more insight into the future prospects of the various shopping areas. Which retail locations show a positive and which a negative evolution? Which projects are/remain of interest to you?

We help you to put your current portfolio in context by looking at past, present and future. In addition, we compare shopping centres with similar locations and how they perform against national trends. Years of experience combined with profound knowledge of shopping areas and indisputable data guarantees a realistic forecast.

What is our optimal network?

We receive this question from various retailers. Take a retailer who took over another retail chain and wants to know what the optimum is for this new combination of outlets. Another decides to merge two retail chains to one and wants to know where there is too much cannibalisation, or where there is still room for new outlets.

More and more retailers are having a hard time. So it is more important than ever to screen your current retail network, to check whether this is still future proof. By linking your data with Locatus data our experts will show you where you should open, close or relocate your shops.

How will a redevelopment affect footfall flows in the shopping area?   

We can make a prediction of future footfall flows. How will a newly built shopping area affect the situation? What happens when stores are merged or replaced?

Although this prediction is no exact science, past predictions have been very close to the final reality. An independent report provides more clarity and certainty on future consequences – for all parties involved. 

Where do my clients live?

Frequently, you will have information about your clients via loyalty cards or warranty papers. But can you tell from the top of your head where your clients live? We can map this information (literally) for you – and provide you with an insightful overview that no mere list can muster.

Are there sufficient passing visitors at this location? 

Do you have a new store location in mind? And would you like to know the footfall past this location? If this store is situated outside our regular counting areas, we can carry out a bespoke count just for you. You can then compare this information with existing locations, or other options.

How has this shopping area developed over the years?

Before you invest in a store / shopping area, you would like to know the future prospects of this location, and answer questions such as:
Does this location currently attract more or less visitors than in the past? Does the retail floor area in my sector increase or decrease? Are there more or less empty stores than before, and how does this develop? What are the risks of an investment?
Our historical database can clarify the relevant trends, and we can provide the necessary key figures or a bespoke analysis – made to fit your situation.

Ask Björn Jansen

Björn Jansen has been advising real estate agencies and retailers for many years. He will be happy to discuss how we can help you to invest in the right retail locations.

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