Retail Package

All information for questions about relocation and expansion toghether

Location, location, location. This mantra remains essential to the success of your store network. Shopping areas change. What was once a great location, can suddenly become rather less successful. After all, it is not just your company that is constantly developing: your competitors and retailers in other sectors are all striving for the same thing. It is important to remain on top of future developments, besides analysing the current situation. Locatus’s data helps you to invest in the right location.

While judging the appropriateness of certain locations, you can get access to the following crucial information:

  • Presence and absence of competitors in the town and specific shopping area itself.
  • Presence of ‘perfect neighbours’. Which retail chains can support your new store?
  • Composition of the shopping area. What retail chains are located where?
  • Footfall in the shopping area.
  • Size and composition of the catchment area.

Features of the catchment area, such as:

  • Number of inhabitants and households
  • Number of standard consumers
  • Income index
  • Age index
  • Native population versus immigrants

The Retail Package grants access to three databases: the Retail Outlet Explorer, the Retail Plans, and the Catchment Area Explorer. Together, we can decide what information is relevant for your company. In this way, we will set up a data package that is tailored to your information needs.


Ask Mardi Kok

Mardi Kok will help you to consider which data or applications will give you the best return on investment for relocation and expansion issues. He will be happy tell you more about the various options.