The Database Housing Plans Netherlands
(Woningbouwplannen Nederland)

Decisions regarding location are not just about the current situation, but also future expectations. For instance, your shop may be doing decent business, but you’re not really satisfied. So, should you renew the lease or not? Are you a property entrepreneur and do you have to decide whether or not to stay or invest in that shopping area? The building of a new neighbourhood can make a big difference in this regard, especially when local consumers are essential to that location. 

The Database Woningbouwplannen Nederland” (Housing Plans Netherlands) gives you insight into your future customer potential. 

The Database Woningbouwplannen Nederland contains information on provincial and municipal housing allocations as well as local housing plans for more than 50 houses. This national database maps housing developments in the coming years for you. The Database “Woningbouwplannen Nederland”

4 scale levels with housing plans 

The database is structured in four map layers, each containing its own information. The information zooms in from global to detailed, from far in the future to the near future:

1. Province level

The first map layer contains information on housing assignments from the 12 Dutch provinces. This map layer provides a bird’s-eye view of Dutch housing development.

2. Municipal level

The second map layer contains information on residential building assignments of the largest 267 municipalities and provides insight into the number of housing plans in the Netherlands.

3. Overall Plan level

The fourth map layer contains 270 overall plans. These plans encompass 1,175 non-single housing plans. These are larger housing plans subdivided into several sub-plans. This gives you a good overview of the coherence of the linked plans and insight into sub-plans yet to be implemented within the overall plans. 

4. Plan level

This is the most detailed level. This map layer contains some 2,200 single housing plans with more than 50 dwellings, and 1,175 non-single housing plans which are part of an overall plan. The housing plans in this map layer vary in plan status: soft plans, plans in preparation, hard plans and plans in progress. 

Everything in one single convenient online platform 

All these plans feature a location plotted on the map along with a link to the source. This allows you to view the actual plans yourself – without much searching. This gives you a direct insight into the type of housing and how many houses will be built. In other words, how many and what type of consumers will live there. 

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