Vacancy Report

Reports on shop vacancies in Belgium and the Netherlands

Shop vacancy: it is the talk of the day. To put a halt to the 'rumors' about vacancy, Locatus annually publishes a report on the current state of affairs of shop vacancy in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

National figures on vacancy

  • Per type of shopping area
  • Divided by duration
  • Mapped over the years

Additionally, we provide figures on vacancy per province and municipality. Municipalities of a similar size are compared with one another, and you are able to place the development of vacancies throughout various regions in the right perspective.


Which indicators are included in the report per municipality?

  • total amount of retail outlets
  • total amount of vacant outlets
  • % vacant outlets
  • m² retail floor area of stores (incl. vacancy)
  • m² retail floor area of vacant outlets
  • % retail floor area of vacant outlets

For now, this report is only available in Dutch.
You can order the report on retail vacancies – with 52 pages of information, tables, graphs, and maps – for € 450,-.


Order Vacancy Report 2021

Are you interested in vacancy rates in the Netherlands or Belgium. Please contact us. This information is also available in our (English) App Locatus Online.