Visitor Monitor

If you want to know how consumers really feel about your shop(ping centre).

Are you interested to learn what the public really thinks of your shopping centre, public area or store? The visitor monitor is aimed at monitoring and improving customer experience in shops and shopping centres. We do this by means of high-quality survey columns on location. These are equipped with a tablet with an inviting appearance towards the customer.

continu monitoren

Continuous research

Research is no longer based on selective moments, which makes the sample much more reliable. It provides quick insight into the effects of changes and allows for early adjustments.

eerlijke reacties

Unforced reaction

You are able to ask questions in the moment, rather than hours or days later. Without the intervention of a pollster: one chooses to participate and is thus not disturbed by surveyors.

Comprehensive question-sets

In just 3-8 questions you are able to collect information about – for example – the visitor experience, visitor behaviour, communication, image and visitor profile. In addition to an extensive question library, you can also add your own questions.

bezoekersmonitor Locatus

Variation in response options

You can choose from a wide variety of questions. Answers to these questions can easily be given by means of smileys, single and multiple-choice questions or scores (1-10). Furthermore, it is also possible to ask open-ended questions and to collect data such as postal codes or e-mail addresses.

Remote control

The tablets can be accessed remotely through a personal account. It contains pre-programmed categories with validated question sets and answer options. You can turn questions on or off at a push of a button.

All advantages sumarised

Continu onderzoek

Continuous research

Not just a snapshot.


Large and reliable sample

Reach many people in a short time, both customer and non-customer.


Quick and clear questions

that take little time for the respondent.


Honest and pure reactions

direct feedback at the moment of experience,
anonymous, without pesky surveyors.


You decide which questions you will ask

by switching on and off questions in an extensive library.


More cost effective than standard survey

less labour-intensive and higher response rate.

Ask Björn Jansen

Björn Jansen has been advising real estate agencies and retailers for many years. He will be happy to discuss how we can help you to invest in the right retail locations.