The Benelux retail market in key figures

There are stores everywhere. Even the small village, I grew up in had two small supermarkets, a bicycle shop, a bakery and a drugstore. And probably a few more stores I don’t remember. But what are we talking about when we look at the big picture? How many retail outlets do Belgium or the Netherlands have? And what is the total retail floor space (RFS)? What percentage belongs to a retail chain and what percentage of store premises are vacant? Locatus has a comprehensive database of every single retail outlet in the Benelux, so with a few clicks of a button we can list many key figures. Such as:

  • The retail floor space (RFS) of all retail outlets
  • The vacancy rate of stores (also per province)
  • The number of sectors
  • The number of different retail chains
  • The degree of branching (also per province)
  • The distribution of the number of retail outlets per group
  • The national trend of footfall (index 2013)
  • The distribution of retail outlets per type of shopping area
  • and; The average Retail Risk Index per type of shopping area

Did you know for instance that…

  • …the number of retail outlets is decreasing?
  • …the number of retail premises (retail trade) is declining relatively faster than before?
  • …vacancy rates in Belgium and the Netherlands – against everyone’s expectations – have also decreased in the past year?

Download factsheet BENELUX

This fact sheet gives an idea of developments, and of national and provincial figures. This is a concise summary of a huge database, from which we can compile the information you need for your location or strategic decisions. Do you have a specific question? Please let us know.

Astrid Custers

Astrid is Marketing Communication Manager at Locatus and thus comes into contact with lots of interesting information. As a result, she walks around the shopping streets with a certain degree of professional deformation – and writes about these observations…

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