Which retailers form the core of the Dutch Top 100 of retail chains?

Every year, Locatus draws up a Top 100 of retail chain formulas. We are interested to see which retailers are risers, and which are falling? And, what are the most striking changes in the Netherlands compared to last year? Or even compared to 10 years ago?

Biggest risers and fallers in the raking of 2021-2020

When we look at the Top 10 based on RFS, we see no changes. However, when we compare the retailers based on the number of retail outlets, we do see some slight changes in ranking within the Top 10. Nevertheless, the ten retail chain formulas that comprise the Top 10 have remained the same. The most notable shifts in de entire top 100 are:

Based on number of retail outlets Based on retail floor space (RFS)
Biggest risers Biggest risers
Big Bazar Loods 5
Praxis Van der Valk
Jumbo Slijter DA
Avia Express Kluswijs
 Biggest fallers  Biggest fallers
Intertoys Intertoys
ABN Amro Multimate
Vodafone Woonexpres

Each year, there are a few formulas that disappear from the Top 100, making place for newcomers (see footnote Top 100).

Trends over the past 10 years

Each year, we mainly see small shifts within the Top 100. But how much has changed when we go back 10 years in time? Which changes can we find compared to then?

The 100 biggest formulas based on the number of retail outlets combined show a decrease of 3.7% in the number of outlets. The 100 biggest formulas based on retail floor space, account for 9.9% more square meters than 10 years ago.

On top of this, we can also find that around two-thirds of retailers have continuously been in the Top 100 For the past 10 years. Even more interesting is that 30 retailers belonging to this core, are part of the Top 100 based on number of retail outlets as well as the Top 100 based on retail floor space.

We are interested to see how this trend develops. We would like to look back again in 10 years, to see whether these companies are still part of the core of our retail top 100.

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Gertjan Slob

Gertjan Slob is the Director of Research at Locatus. He is responsible for the entire data course. During his work, he is constantly analysing data, and frequently flags interesting trends and developments.