As you base important decisions on our data, we vouch for the quality.

Locatus data stands for up-to-date retail information. The database is updated weekly with the latest data from our field workers. Via our apps you can make selections, download data and thematise retailplans. We can also help you with bespoke analyses on demand,

  • Retail Outlet Explorer

    The Retail Outlet Explorer provides you with up-to-date information about a shopping centre, a sector, or retail in the entire country. The database contains information about retail in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, and, increasingly, large cities in the rest of Europe.

  • Footfall Monitor

    Is the number of passing shoppers sufficient for your store? And when does this increase or decrease? The Dashboard Footfall Monitor provides you with the ideal information to assess your new (shop) location, or monitor the performance of your existing shop or shopping centre.

  • Catchment Area Explorer

    The Catchment Area Explorer calculates the catchment area of a certain shopping centre or shopping area, and lets you know the reach of your store. It shows you where visitors to your store are from, and helps you to determine the turnover potential.

  • Locatus Retail Plans

    With the digital retail plans of Locatus, you will have a detailed overview of any shopping area or street you like - at your fingertips. This efficient tool can help you when making decisions on the development of shopping centres, renting and leasing, buying and selling, taxations, and monitoring your shopping centre.

  • Retail Risk Index (RRI)

    The Retail Risk Index sketches the risk profile of shops and shopping areas in the Netherlands. This information reduces uncertainty about the future of store locations - but what exactly is the RRI based on?

  • Benchmark Explorer

    The Benchmark Explorer allows you to compare key figures on shopping areas and sectors quickly and efficiently. This app is used by many municipalities and consultant agencies.

Other applications, reports & analysis

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