Mapping European city areas

Locatus means up-to-date retail information: about shops, shopping areas, and footfall numbers. Since we have mapped the retaillandscape of the entire Benelux, we have been expanding our database with information from an ever-increasing number of European cities. We create the maps of the most important shopping areas of each of these cities, and organise footfall counts to complete the picture. You make important decisions with the data we provide - and that is why we guarantee the quality!

  • Footfall Monitor

    Is the number of passing shoppers sufficient for your store? And when does this increase or decrease? The Dashboard Footfall Monitor provides you with the ideal information to assess your new (shop) location, or monitor the performance of your existing shop or shopping centre.

  • Locatus Retail Plans

    With the digital retail plans of Locatus, you will have a detailed overview of any shopping area or street you like - at your fingertips. This efficient tool can help you when making decisions on the development of shopping centres, renting and leasing, buying and selling, taxations, and monitoring your shopping centre.

  • Footfall reports

    Are there enough passers-by to sustain your store? This information is particularly useful when assessing the location for a new store, or when monitoring the performance of your existing shop or shopping centre. A footfall report gives you quick and useful insights into the activity patterns of shoppers.

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