Get to know the Locatus team

Locatus has been gathering her own data for over 20 years, and releases this information via online platforms. Our team is committed to high standard data and is very diverse: from data collectors to data analysts or consultants. Read more about the different teams:


Sales team

Our accountantmanagers work with you to see which information / app you need to answer your questions. Sales Support is there for you to help you along.

Gerard Zandbergen – CEO Locatus
Steven Markhorst – Government & Consultancy
Mardi Kok – Retail
Björn Jansen – Real Estate
Ellen Beukema – Sales Support

Data analysts

The data that we gather ourselves is analysed by our trained team of data specialists. They are happy to put their knowledge to work to answer your research questions.

Field workers / surveyors

Our 12 field workers are always on the road – no matter the weather, they are working to keep our database up-to-date. Last year, they drove 256,000 km and walked over 9,000 km to gather the necessary data.


Support team

Desk research, IT-support, and helpdesk for our clients. Our support team helps both client and colleague to get ahead.