Retail analysis - Other Industries

Use Locatus data to perform your data analyses. Take advantage of the expertise of our experts.

The majority of our clients are involved in retail real estate in one way or another: as a retailer, municipality, real estate party or advisor, and then there is a group of customers who cannot simply be caught under one denominator.

Diverse issues, wealth of information

We regularly receive questions from very different industries. We have a wealth of information in our databases, and thus we are able to answer questions concerning retail locations, competition, market size, footfall counts and flows or any other related issues. Do not hesitate to ask us anything, we are happy to help you.

For example:

Retail suppliers

Some brand manufacturers use Locatus’ data to optimize their sales. They determine visiting frequencies for their field service based on the retail floor space from the Locatus database.

Another example is a brand manufacturer that uses our data for their forecasting models. How much turnover should this store be able to generate? They are interested to learn what proportion of the revenue of a particular outlet consists of their brand products. Using our data, they can determine whether their sales numbers to the outlet are optimal in relation to the shop’s turnover.

On top of this, there is also the brand manufacturer that wants to help its customers. If a store is in the process of securing financing from the bank, the supplier’s advisors would help the retailer to provide a well-founded report. Using Locatus’ data, they are able to substantiate their market potential and justify why this specific location is suitable: what is the market space, how large is the competitive pressure, what is a realistic turnover for my outlet, etc.

Inspectors or surveyors

Organisations that carry out audit activities use our location data to plan these audits in a structured way. What is a convenient route? Am I certain that I am not skipping any important locations? Whether it’s calibrating scales or checking hygiene.

Scientists and policy makers

For example, de Dutch organisation JOGG – healthy youth, healthy future – concluded that the number of fast food chains around schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods is increasing. Using our data, they found that there is a clear and significant difference between the number of fast food chains around schools in rich and poor neighbourhoods. And this was not the only study that our data was used for. The VU University in Amsterdam, for example, also used our data to conduct research into obesity.

And something completely different…

The discussion had been going on for several years: Should small plastic bottles be included in the Dutch deposit system? Before the decision could be made, all the consequences had to be carefully considered.

One of the questions that had to be answered was: where are these bottles sold and where should collection points be made available? After all, this process is very different from the large bottles that are consumed at home and handed in together with customers’ groceries. Smaller bottles are mainly bought and consumed on the go. It is during this time that people also want to dispose of their bottles. Thus, Locatus mapped out the different types of retail outlets for small PET bottles. Meanwhile, the die is cast: as of July 1, 2021, there will also be a deposit on the small PET bottles.

Our data can therefore give you answers to more than you may think. Based on the expertise of our data analysts, we can provide you with current analyses as well as history and forecasting. We are determined to help you in any way we can.

Gerard Zandbergen

Gerard Zandbergen is CEO of Locatus and frequently brainstorms with players on the retail market about the chances for the future. Locatus’ goal is to clarify the retail market, so that her clients have a candid overview of their risks and opportunities. Over 20 years of information forms the basis for this process.