PIA: we take privacy very seriously

Locatus anonymously counts the footfall through a street or shopping centre. Retailers, municipalities, and real-estate owners can use this information to determine where it is busy and where not, and adjust their shopping centres on this assessment. 

Privacy guaranteed

Locatus & BlueMark take privacy very seriously. We do not generate data that can identify someone as an individual. We never attempt to link the data or shopping behaviour to specific persons. Directly after registration of the WiFi signal, the MAC-address is made unrecognisable (hashed). Subsequently, the information can no longer be traced back to a specific person.

  • We do not follow persons.
  • We do not know the identity of the customer.
  • We do not know the gender of the customer.
  • We do not know where the customer lives.
  • We do not know what phone the customer has.

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

We have asked an independent agency to carry through a Privacy Impact Assessment. This is an IT audit/research in which is assessed whether the organisation carefully and discreetly processes the data, and thereby complies with the legal norms concerning privacy. The result is the Privacy Seal: Privacy Seal

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What is the data used for?

A wide selection of clients uses our counting data. This information allows them (among other things) to choose the optimal location for a new store, to see whether it might get too busy (at certain special events), or to determine whether they should employ extra personnel or not.