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Take advantage of the expertise of our data analysts with a bespoke analysis.

At the moment, the retail market is under considerable pressure and this may also have consequences for you as a real estate party. It is more important than ever to be a motive force. Retail data are essential in this respect. Whether it concerns the optimal occupancy in your retail premises / shopping centre or the total analysis of your retail portfolio.

As a data specialist in the retail market, we have everything we need to help you with your retail property concerns. Both in the field of occupancy optimisation as well as analysing your retail portfolio, we can help you in various ways:


How are the different sectors spread across my shopping centre and how does this differ from comparable shopping areas?

Are you interested in the distribution of the different retail sectors within your shopping centre or other shopping centres? A sector analysis gives us the opportunity to (literally) map this out for you. We have every retail outlet of all shopping centres in our database, along with the corresponding sector, retail chain, retail floor space and footfall flow.

Which retail chains are missing in my shopping centre?

We can answer this question with a retail chain analysis. This is bespoke and developed in consultation. We always start by supplying a list of a large number of comparable shopping centres.  After consultation, we determine for which specific shopping areas we will carry out further analyses. In the analysis we look at which retail chains are present in these shopping areas. We do this based on the number of outlets, but also on their retail floor space. This provides you with insight into which retail chains are missing in your centre that can often be found in comparable centres.

How many visitors will my (future) shopping centre attract?

A good footfall flow makes or breaks a retail area. Suppose the existing retail offer is changed by adding or removing a supermarket (or another anchor store). This can – drastically – change the footfall flow. Our footfall prediction can estimate what the future footfall count will be, and thus help make vital decisions.

Is it feasible to add an outlet at this location?

Suppose you play with the idea of adding another supermarket in your mall. It would be wise to think this through well in advance. After all, it is a major investment. Is it a smart move or not necessarily? What consequences will this have for your current tenants? Is there sufficient market potential for a supermarket (for example)? With our feasibility study we analyse the catchment area, the existing supply and the available square metres.


What is the status of my retail portfolio?
buy – hold – sell

The current status of your real estate portfolio is one thing. But is your portfolio also future-proof? We can help you gain more insight into the prospects of the various shopping areas. Which retail locations are thriving, and which are not? Which projects are interesting to you, also with a view to the future?

Retail Location Analytics

We will help you put your current portfolio in context by looking at past, present and future. In addition, we are able to compare specific locations with similar locations and how they perform against national trends. Our experts study the current retail data on a day-to-day basis. Their years of experience along with their knowledge of shopping areas and Locatus’ indisputable data guarantee a realistic forecast for the future.

Ask Björn Jansen

Björn Jansen has been advising real estate agencies and retailers for many years. He will be happy to discuss how we can help you to invest in the right retail locations.