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Take advantage of the expertise of our data analysts with a bespoke analysis.

Retail is the heart of your municipality. The more vibrant your shopping area, the more attractive your municipality is to residents, visitors from surrounding towns or tourists.

Because Locatus has a map of all retail outlets, restaurants and services, our data is ideally suited to monitor the retail sector in your municipality. Moreover, this can help make policy decisions and enables you to work hands-on on finding the right retailers for your town centre.

What is the current situation of retail in your municipality? And how do you see the future?

Retail monitor for municipalities / retail area

Do the following questions still remain unanswered or unclear to you?

  • How is your municipality doing compared to similar municipalities?
  • How does the vacancy rate develop?
  • In which sectors does this vacancy grow or reduce?
  • What is the Retail Risk Index of your municipality?

Our Retailmonitor gives you the opportunity to put the retail data of your municipality in perspective.

How is the vacancy developing in our municipality?

Historical vacancy analysis

Vacant shops: the less, the better for a sound shopping area. Analyses have shown that vacancy is contagious. We can map how vacancy levels have developed in your municipality in recent years. Where are these premises located? Where is the vacancy frictional and where is it structural?

This analysis provides insight into where the strong and weak areas in your shopping area are (also take a look at the Retail Risk Index).

How does our municipality perform compared to others?

Benchmark analysis

We can perform a benchmark analysis for you, to give you insight into how your municipality is performing compared to others. What do they do differently? What are their strengths? Or, what are the strengths of your municipality? Where could you improve?

Do you want to gain insight into the ratio of different sectors, and how they are spread over your center?

Sector analysis

Part of the benchmark analysis is a sector analysis. Which sectors are present in your municipality, and in what ratio? And how are these spread across your shopping area? How does this relate to comparable or competing municipalities? Are there any sectors that are overrepresented or underrepresented? From which sectors could you try to attract additional retailers? The sector analysis provides answers to these questions.

Which new retailers are interesting to us? And will they find us interesting as well?

Retail chain analysis

Our sector analysis can indicate whether your municipality has room for new outlets in certain sectors. But which retail chains are specifically interesting? In a retail chain retail chain analysis, we compare the retail chains in your shopping area with a large number of comparable shopping areas. Which shopping areas will be included in the analysis, is decided by common agreement.

In the analysis we look at which retail chains are present in these shopping areas. We do this based on the number of outlets, but also on the retail floor space to understand which sectors are over- and underdeveloped . This provides you with insight into which retail chains are missing in your centre, that can often be found in comparable centres. In doing so, centre managers gain insight into which retail chains are promising for your municipality.

Ask Björn Jansen

Björn Jansen has been advising real estate agencies and retailers for many years. He will be happy to discuss how we can help you to invest in the right retail locations.