As you base important decisions
on our data, we vouch for the quality.

Locatus data stands for up-to-date retail information. The database is updated weekly with the latest data from our field workers. Via our apps you can make selections, download data and thematise retailplans yourself. We can also help you with bespoke analyses on demand.

Mapping retail outlets & retail centres

When you are taking important decisions concerning retail and your retail properties, the right information is crucial. Where are your competitors? What does the area surrounding your shop(s) look like? Who are your neighbours? What sectors dominate? How busy is it? What are the vacancy rates, and where is vacancy located? What are the main anchor stores in the area? How large are the retail units (retail floor surface)? How is this shopping area developing? Locatus maps the retail landscape through two online apps.

Footfall and activity patterns in shopping streets

If no-one is walking around on the street outside, no-one can enter your shop. Footfall numbers give a good overview of the potential that every area of the shopping area has.

Considering the risk of investments

Which are strong shopping streets, and which are weak? Where are vacancy rates high? You will want to know the answers to these questions when you have to make decisions about opening or closing your shops, or invest in retail properties.

Turnover potential and retail competitors

The catchment area is a big factor in the potential turnover of your retail site. What range of customers can your store attract, and how far are they willing to travel? Ask for our Retail Package to look at your competitors and/or perfect neighbours.