Our data helps you to
choose or invest in the right retail locations

Locatus collects information about stores, shopping areas and footfall. Our surveyors constantly gather the most up-to-date data. Information you can use to support your decisions about store locations and retail real estate.

Assess opportunities

Where should you establish a new store? Assess the competition, footfall, vacancy, catchment area, and market potential of each location.

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Limit your risks

Does your store (location) have sufficient potential? Decide and invest on the basis of relevant and reliable information.

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Monitor policy

How many shoppers visit this location? Which retailers come and go? You are always up-to-date with Locatus Online.

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Shopping areas do not have secrets for us

Our field workers are always on the road to keep our database up-to-date. As you base important decisions on our data, we vouch for the quality.

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